Education is central to developmentand to the improvement of the livesof young people, and as suchhas been identified as a priority areain internationally agreeddevelopment goals, including theMillennium Development Goals andthe World Programme of Action forYouth. Education is importantin promoting sustained, inclusive andequitable economic growth andsustainable development. Increased efforts towards


  • Performance
  • Emotional intelligence
  • CV of failures
  • Self-knowledge

education accessibility,quality and affordability are central to global development efforts. Education could be the path leader of the youth: It is with the help of education that the youth can choose and seek their interests. Education propels the youth in the right, proper and straight direction. As a professor of psychology explained presenting his cv of failures to his students, we must realize that we all experience failure on the way to success. Anyway, education is the path of the knowledge that there is no visible achievement without the invisible failures.